Coomadoug Music

coomadougMusicAlways looking for a new or interesting way to express an idea or a feeling, a song is the answer in many situations.

The music is folk by nature with a unique style of self-taught guitar and music structure, regularly uploaded to  Coomadoug YouTube Channel.

Doug will write songs on request. Weddings, birthdays, retirement or any special occasion and requires just a bit of info and a concept for the content.




  • YouMyBabyQt
  • WorkingCityQt
  • IvoryTowerQt
  • AffirmationsQt
  • BathBabyQt
  • DistanceQt
  • DontKnowMuchQt
  • SorryDayQt
  • TheDanceQt
  • BeastInMeQt
  • NarcissisticQt
  • TakenForGrantQt